Find The Best Photographer For You!

You are getting married, recently engaged, or getting family photos done, whatever the occasion may be, there are some things to keep in mind when finding a photographer. In this blog, I will talk about 5 essential tips to help you find a photographer that is professional, passionate, hardworking and who fits your personality!

Genuine Connection

There are so many talented and amazing photographers, but that does not mean that those photographers are the "best" photographers for you! It is so important to genuinely connect with their previous work and their personality. You will have these images forever and I can't stress enough to choose a photographer who has a similar vision as you. Every photographer has a unique style in editing their images, so it's important to view their portfolio and connect with their work first before anything else.

Client Love

Great photographers will have great reviews! Checkout their website and take your time going through and reading all of their reviews. Doing this step first, You can learn A LOT about your potential photographer, get a feel for how they photograph and how they work before you have that first conversation.

Someone Who Cares

You found a photographer and viewed their portfolio, their images are stunning and they have amazing reviews. You send them an email inquiring about pricing and availability and the photographer gets back to you within an hour or less, and this is a great sign! Even the busiest photographers will be quick to respond in a timely manner. A professional photographer is going to take a genuine interest right away, ask about your story, and will make you priority.


Being a photographer myself, transparency is my approach with all of my potential clients.

Finding a photographer who communicates transparently about pricing, photography skillset and qualifications is going to have a more successful connection with you than a photographer who does not.

The right photographer for you will start to build up that trust right from the beginning so that you can feel at ease knowing you are in good hands.

No Push, No Shove, Only Love

At the end of the day, YOU need to be happy and comfortable with the photographer YOU choose to hire. If you take some time to think about your options, that is okay! You want a photographer who will take a step back when needed but will not forget about you or your inquiry.

I hope these 5 tips for finding a photographer who is right for you, served you well. If you or anyone you know who is having trouble choosing a photographer, share this blog post with them! If you feel I might be a good candidate as your future photographer or for a family member or friend, please contact me and I can answer any questions you may have!